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With properly constructed denture Natural Teeth

Example #1

Full Dentures properly constructed can reflect natural looking teeth.



After Before

Example #2

A simple denture to replace one missing tooth.

After Before

Example #3

Example of a semi flexible denture designed as a “one sided” denture which securely grips the remaining natural teeth, providing a comfortable denture.

Natural look teeth and gums Implant retention on upper

Example #4

Implant retained upper denture. The two implants to hold the denture firmly in position. The denture also contains a chrome strengthener due to the increased forces applied by a stronger and more effective bite.

After Before

Example #5

Some situations initially require remedial dental work from a Dentist who can complete the initial procedures prior to construction of the denture.

After Before

Example #6

A single tooth semi-flexible denture once clicked securely into position. This denture can often be so comfortable that the patient is unaware of its presence


There is no ugly metal wire clasps to hold the denture in.


Example #7

Dentures can help restore facial features. Notice the upper lip in the before photo with no denture and the difference in the after photo with dentures in place.